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“In-depth sourcing services that make an impact on your bottom line.”

Product Development and Sourcing

Communication and Coordination

 Quality Assurance and Inspection

 Logistic Support

Product Research & Sourcing

Sourcing Services Global is dedicated to sourcing high quality, cost-competitive products and services from reputable, reliable suppliers all around the world. With professional staff on the ground in countries all around the globe, you can be assured we will connect you with the right sourcing partner(s). Our first hand knowledge and global oversight also means we are able to quickly sort out the good companies from the sub-standard, offering you access to quality products and a high level of service, with minimal risk, no costly delays and no disruption to your supply chain.

Our extensive range of services includes:

  • On-the-ground research through our global staff and contacts network
  • Online research/verification
  • Direct contact via email and phone
  • Reviewing communication behavior
  • Following up all other export references received
  • Financial and legal checks
  • Product manufacturing capabilities
  • Due diligence into quality assurance and capabilities
  • Set up Non Disclosure agreements

After short-listing a selection of key suppliers/providers – we then carry out the next level of due diligence, which includes sample procurement, price and terms negotiation and the factory with yourselves to formalise the business relationship.

The key benefit we offer you is the time saved in researching and selecting the ideal manufacturer for your range of products. By utilising our services for your global sourcing needs, you benefit from our world-wide knowledge and networks to successfully source the right supplier for your company’s products, with minimal risk, no hassles or costly delays, and no loss of focus on your core business activities whilst you establish an alternative supply chain

Quality Auditing & Assurance

Sourcing Services Global enforces strict expectations and quality control guidelines with all manufacturers and suppliers we recommend to clients. The research and selection criteria we utilise places quality control at the top of every list. Only companies with a robust, transparent and well documented Q.A. program are considered, and checks and measures are put in place at every stage of the process to ensure the highest standards are adhered to. Always.

In addition, we have our own on-the-ground Quality Control Inspectors available for regular checks during sample procurement, manufacture and shipping. Detailed reports are regularly submitted and include photographic evidence, populated checklists, and Q.A. documentation (where applicable). We always endeavour to work with export manufacturers that have ISO Accreditation or are at least familiar with acceptable international standards.

When you partner with Sourcing Services Global you can be assured of the highest levels of quality control, from beginning to end.

Meet the Sourcing Services Global’s men-on-the-ground:

Nitin Goyal   |  India
Bachelor of Technology and Engineeer
Nitin has spent the last 13 years in various industries and is uncompromising in his passion for consistency and quality.

Anil Kaura  |  South Asia
BSC Physics  /  Procurement
Anil has spent most of his working life in procurement and Quality Assurance roles, and his attention to detail is exceptional

Adam Elson  |  APAC
Cert. Supply Chain Management
Adam has more than 15 year’s experience living and working in the APAC Region sourcing and quality checking a vast range of products. This include risk management and logistics to compliment every shipment.

They are available to carry out testing and inspections on almost any product, match it to specifications and drawings, report accordingly and – if necessary – take the required steps of rectification that may be needed. These technical personnel also monitor packaging and logistics to ensure quality goods are delivered on time.

For your reassurance and confirmation, utilise our Quality Assurance services along with the other offerings.

Shipping & Documentation

Sourcing Services Global is fully aware of the critical importance of on-time manufacture as well as meeting all shipping schedules and deadlines.

That’s why we closely monitor all pre-shipping storage arrangements, export packaging, and quantities per shipment, in addition to overseeing and rectifying any damage control issues via diligent contractual arrangements and manual checking prior to shipping.

We also ensure that correct documentation is supplied and verified throughout all stages of the transport and shipping processes, including fumigation procedures and certificates, accurate export documents, pre-advice documents and follow-up.

Our on-the-ground Q.A. personnel also are available 24/7 for visual inspections of quality-to-sample checks, quantity checks and packaging checks prior to shipping. All part of the Sourcing Services Global peace-of-mind guarantee.


When you partner with Sourcing Services Global you can be assured of a comprehensive service that provides you with all the information you need to find a reliable, more cost-effective overseas supplier.
At the heart of our global sourcing solutions lies an unrivalled level of due diligence and excellence in customer service. The SSG service offering includes professional, knowledgeable staff, on the ground in countries all over the world, who are wholly committed to helping our clients achieve success by taking advantage of our global network and our deep understanding of sourcing, manufacturing and global supply chains

Sourcing Services Global’s capabilities are second to none, delivering you a real competitive advantage in today’s world, saving you time and money, streamlining operations and minimising risk.

Countries from which Sourcing Services Global source:

  • USA
  • Europe
  • South America
  • Asia
    • India
    • Singapore
    • Japan
    • Korea
    • Vietnam
    • Taiwan
    • Thailand
    • Malaysia
  • Eastern Europe
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Poland
    • Turkey

​The products we specialise in include:

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Aluminium Extrusions
  • Stainless Steel Products
  • Castings
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • Rubber Products
  • Medical Products / PPE
  • Paper Products
  • Food
  • Pumps & Machinery
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Raw Materials
  • Building Materials
  • And more….

Fee Structure

The Key to your Global Trading

Please note that these Fee Levels are automatically progressive and cover the whole journey from initial research to seamless – and direct – importation of great quality products at excellent pricing. Once we progress from the scope of one Level to the next Level, only the difference between the previous Level and the next one is charged, and the scope increased. For example if you engaged at Stage 1, once the detailed Report is received, if samples are then arranged with a referred Supplier, etc., the next stage automatically phases in, and Stage 2 is invoiced and so on. Once commercial importation begins, Stage 3 begins, and when that scope has been completed, there are no further charges or ties with Sourcing Services Global (apart from the short term commission – see below).

Stage 1


AUD $3000
(plus GST)

Researching and Reporting for due diligence on companies for products as per client request.

  • Research through our Global contacts
  • Online research/verification
  • Direct contact via email and phone
  • Reviewing communication behavior
  • Following up references given by the entity
  • Financial and legal checks
  • Product manufacturing capabilities
  • Due diligence into quality assurance and capabilities
  • Set up Confidentiality Agreements
  • Full Report and recommendation submitted


  • Can cover more than one product line per enquiry only if closely related products

Stage 2


plus AUD $3500
(plus GST)

For more in-depth research and prioritisation of options, and the next level of pricing and terms negotiation.

Builds on the STAGE 1 level, ADDING;
  • Arrange sample manufacture & procurement
  • Next level of pricing negotiating
  • Negotiating terms of trade
  • Discussing terms of engagement
  • Locking in delivery time boundaries
  • Securing agreement on procedures
  • Finalise terms of pricing and delivery times
  • Reviewing quality control procedures
  • Visit to the factory
  • Sitting with stakeholders to verify research
  • Walking & inspection of the facilities
  • Viewing product being manufactured
  • Full Report and recommendation submitted


  • Can cover more than one product line per enquiry only if closely related products

Stage 3


plus AUD $5000
(plus GST)*

“For work in establishing a successful partnership for supply of samples and on-going supply of products”

Builds on the STAGE 1 AND 2 levels, ADDING;
  • Assisting with final negotiations regarding pricing, payment terms and delivery parameters
  • Liaising with the key stakeholders during initial sample manufacture
  • Quality checks at strategic points along the manufacturing process
  • Constant contact with factory during manufacture and shipping
  • Following up closely on initial shipments and documentation (first 6 months of trading)
  • Liaising with the company during changes and improvements
  • Availability of our on-the-ground Quality Control Inspector during manufacture and shipping**
  • Monthly reporting and updates


  • Can cover more than one product line per enquiry only if closely related products from similar manufacturers
  • * Plus 4% of shipment value for first 6 months of trading (includes facilitation, negotiation, and some ‘during manufacture’ and ‘pre-shipping’ inspections, etc.), beginning from the first commercial order.
  • ** Costs of travel (if not in same area) and hourly rate applicable



Payment Details

Stage 1

As some exploratory work would already have been conducted to establish the presence of suitable companies to contact, 100% of the Fee as set out above is payable upon initial engagement

Stage 2

The auto trigger point where Stage 2 kicks in is when one or more of the referred Suppliers is engaged for further discussions, samples, etc. to move forward

The following is only applicable when engaging from the beginning at Stage 2;

  • 50% of the Fee as set out above is payable upon initial engagement
  • The balance 50% is payable on submittal of final Report and recommendation

Any specific and special out of pocket expenses to be discussed prior, quoted and charged at cost

Stage 3

The auto trigger point where Stage 3 kicks in is when a full container load of product is ordered from a referred Supplier (whether sample or production shipment)

The commission on shipments is based on the total invoice value (less freight and insurance charges), and payable at time of payment to the supplier

Any specific and special out of pocket expenses to be discussed prior, quoted and charged at cost

Confidentiality & Exclusivity

Our Suppliers

Any details submitted to us that need to be sent to potential suppliers, are only sent after they sign a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our Clients

We do not discuss any details relating to your Company or products with any other parties other than what is covered above
The first Client who engages with us through to Stage #3 will get a level of exclusivity on that product, and if other parties contact us regarding related products, we will reach out for approval before engaging with them

Stories & Testimonials

“After asking Positiv Business Solutions for help to find products and manufacturing in India and traveling through the country together, I have a huge amount of respect for their ability to source products and build relationships with suppliers in India. They are so passionate about achieving success through hard work and commitment, and their determination is complimented by limitless positivity and support for their customers. I thoroughly recommend this consulting service offering to source products and manufacturing out of India”.

Daniel Stanners

Auto Transform Ltd

“Sourcing Services Global has been a success for sourcing from India, particularly from the aspect of understanding the culture of the country and how to navigate their methods of negotiation. Having on the ground experience and on-site visits has proved very beneficial with shortlisting good potential suppliers. Definitely recommend Sourcing Services Global’s services!”

Marcus Horsfall

Operations Team Leader, Fastaid

“We have felt challenged how we could reduce risk we knew we had with 85% of purchases coming from China. Positiv Business Solutions been a significant help to us, not only in the initial evaluation of options and setting up of new relationships, but also in the reassurance they gave that India is in fact a completely competitive supply alternative. Their knowledge of the country and advice on how to negotiate, plus the commitment to have an engineer that can carry out inspections there, has given us a confidence in progressing the change faster than we would have done otherwise”

Gerard Simpkin

Director, Trailparts

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